Bylur - Eydís Evensen - XXIM


Eydís Evensen


Eydís Evensen's mesmerising debut album Bylur, is a calming contemporary classical diary of her life to date, that takes its name from the Icelandic word for ‘snowstorm.’ She chose that title for good reason. “All of these songs are moments from my life,” she says. “So many ups and downs. All of my joy, darkness, happiness, heartbreak and melancholia.”


  1. 01Deep Under
  2. 02Dagdraumur
  3. 03The Northern Sky
  4. 04Wandering I
  5. 05Vetur Genginn í Garð
  6. 06Fyrir Mikael
  7. 07Wandering II
  8. 08Circulation
  9. 09Innsti Kjarni og Tilbrigði
  10. 10Næturdögg
  11. 11Midnight Moon
  12. 12Brotin
  13. 13Bylur

Icelandic Pianist and Composer

Eydís Evensen

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