The Light

Eydís Evensen

The Light

Eydís Evensen's sophomore album is her most personal and emotional project to date.

“To me, The Light is a sense of hope and a sense of lighter times as we all experience quite challenging times in the last couple of years. I composed this album inspired by a personal experience and a resolution to that experience, so it sort of gave me a sense of closure, and the sense of relief and I hope that the listener is able to go through this journey with me throughout the album.” — Eydís Evensen


  1. 01Anna's Theme
  2. 02The Light II
  3. 0317.03.22
  4. 04Tranquillant
  5. 05Disturbance
  6. 06Transcending
  7. 07Tephra Horizon
  8. 08 Fragility
  9. 09Near Ending
  10. 10Full Circle
  11. 11Dreaming of Light
  12. 12Resolution

Icelandic Pianist and Composer

Eydís Evensen

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