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GoGo Penguin released their new single on XXIM Records

The British band opens a new chapter with a track and visualizer for Ascent. It is the first single since their 2020’s rapturously received fifth album, GoGo Penguin, and is the first to feature new drummer, Jon Scott. Ascent was created in the beginning studio sessions of a newly formed trio and lays the ground for the upcoming EP to be released later this spring.

“The composition takes its inspiration from the duality often found in the big events in our lives, moments which can simultaneously make us feel both loved and isolated, fearful but confident, proud and humbled. Ascent expresses the journey through these experiences in life, moving forward into the unknown, but with hope not fear.” — Chris Illingworth, the band’s pianist

Track by track by Nick Blacka: Ascent

Ascent commences with a rippling, electronic drum pattern which Chris had already put together before we went into the studio. When we were at Real World, we decided to experiment with other ways of executing it, eventually running it as a sequence on my Moog Grandmother synth, and then, as the track unfolds, Jon picks up the beat replicating the feel of it but making it his own after the synth beat fades out.”

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GoGo Penguin

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