Everything Is Going to Be OK

Everything Is Going to Be OK

GoGo Penguin

Everything Is Going to Be OK

XXIM Records debut album by GoGo Penguin is out now with a music video for the title track.

“A few years ago our monitor engineer put a sticker on my bass amplifier that said the phrase Everything is going o Be OK. Every time I go to switch it on, I see this message. When we were writing this track, we recorded a quick demo and Chris asked me what we should call it. I just instinctively said Everything Is Going to Be OK. As time went on and we grew into the band’s new chapter, the title became more resonant and meaningful.” — Nick Blacka

“When Nick and I were chatting about the title we realised we were both considering it from different angles: it brings both a sense of comfort and futility. The reality is that things won’t always be OK, there will always be ups and downs in life and that’s ok. But when someone says to you Everything Is Going to Be OK those words come from a place of love and respect, it’s a reminder that they care for you and are there for you. It’s been a tough few years for us all and it’s a beautiful thing to be reminded that we are there for each other and will be no matter what life throws at us.” — Chris Illingworth

  1. 01 You're Stronger Than You Think
  2. 02 Glimmerings
  3. 03 Saturnine
  4. 04 Glow
  5. 05 Friday Film special
  6. 06 Soon Comes Night
  7. 07 An Unbroken Thread of Awareness
  8. 08 We May Not Stay
  9. 09 Everything Is Going to Be OK
  10. 10 Last Breath
  11. 11 You're Stronger Than You Think (Revisit)
  12. 12 Parasite
  13. 13 Sanctuary

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GoGo Penguin