Of Time

Olivia Belli

Of Time

The 2-track EP presents another of Olivia Belli's solo piano variations, directly referencing Bach.

“With these 2 new pieces begins a series of my reinterpretations, recompositions, variations on works by J.S Bach but also a personal reflection on the perception of time: how it flows inexorably while remaining unchanged; how differently it is perceived by people – too slow for those who wait, too fast for those who are afraid, too long for those who suffer, too short for those who love -.

Time does not mark its passage, there is no sign at the beginning of a new month or a new year or even a new century: time is an idea, it is a dimension of the soul.

In terms of ‘compositional structure’ I have tried to express this concept by overlapping two or more melodic lines written at different times.” — Olivia Belli


  1. 01Of Time 1 (JS Bach Variation)
  2. 02Of Time 2 (JS Bach Variation)

Pianist & Composer

Olivia Belli

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