Angel’s Share

Paddy Mulcahy

Angel’s Share

Irish producer and composer finds a place of peace and resolution working on his new album, a free-ranging and genre-bending hybrid of post-classical and electronica.

Angel’s Share is my most mature and personal album to date. The album itself is dedicated to my late father, who passed in 2019. The title is taken from the expression that refers to the percentage of a barrel of whiskey that evaporates – known as the Angel’s Share. Throughout the carefully curated collection of music I tried to reflect three stages of grief – which is represented by splitting the album into three thirds. The different styles of music scattered throughout the album is intended to keep listeners engaged and in anticipation of what’s to come next, which can be also related to the passing of a loved one – but equally the global events of 2020-2022. Over the course of 18 months I experimented with new instruments and different recording techniques in different studio spaces. In early 2022 the album was eventually finished and an undeniable feeling of pride immediately set in. Angel’s Share is a personal milestone for me, where we first hear featuring musicians on my music and even a vocal from myself. Throughout the course of composing and arranging the music I kept pushing myself out of my comfort zone where I continued to tell myself to try anything and everything that came to mind. I like to think that the music is an exact reflection of all of the music that presented itself to me over the course of two and a half years. I sincerely hope you enjoy it, and thank you for listening.” — Paddy Mulcahy


  1. 01 Final Thoughts
  2. 02 Thomas Street
  3. 03 Robert's Lullaby
  4. 04 A Smile On The Left
  5. 05 3rd Wave
  6. 06 U-Turn
  7. 07 Weave
  8. 08 In Cloud
  9. 09 Angel's Share
  10. 10 Thomas Street (Meditation)
  11. 11 Submerge
  12. 12 What A Leaf Hears


Paddy Mulcahy