Composer, pianist & producer

Federico Albanese

Albanese’s ever-evolving quest for new sounds and experimentation has been more extensive than most.

The Italian artist, producer, pianist, and composer Federico Albanese is recognized for his musical versatility and a keen sense for alternative, eclectic forms of expression. After playing piano since early childhood, he became interested in jazz, picking up the clarinet, while a teenage fascination with punk rock bands led to him learning bass guitar. Later, he devoured the new-age music of the late 90s, immersing himself in the works of artists such as Brian Eno and William Basinski.

Today he explores music in all its facets; as well as being influenced by alt-pop, psychedelia, and more left-field forms of composition, his genre-fusing piano soundscapes typically also incorporate elements of guitar, bass, violin, and electronica. His debut album, 2014’s The Houseboat and the Moon, and its follow-up, The Blue Hour, were concept albums focused on specific themes. He followed them up with 2018’s similarly revered By The Deep Sea and last year’s Before And Now Seem Infinite. The new EP Days of Passage will come out on XXIM Records.



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