From the North

From the North

GoGo Penguin

From the North

GoGo Penguin’s EP From the North was recorded and filmed live in Manchester.

GoGo Penguin’s live EP, From the North, was recorded and filmed at Old Granada Studios, now operating as Versa Studio 4, in Manchester. It celebrates the band’s heritage and marks their return to one of their favorite recording spaces.

“When we were first asked if we’d like to do a live session at the Old Granada Studios, we jumped at the chance. The rumors around Manchester were that it was now defunct and due to be demolished or turned into something else entirely. Not one of us thought we’d set foot in this room again. This was the room where, ever since we first stepped into it, we fell in love with the live room. We thought it had brilliant acoustics and the space had a lot of character and a fascinating history. The studio has remained largely unchanged from when it was built in 1962. According to local legend, The Beatles rehearsed in this very same room before their debut live television performance.” – GoGo Penguin

  1. 01 Wave Decay
  2. 02 Ascent
  3. 03 Friday Film Special
  4. 04 Everything Is Going to Be OK
  5. 05 An Unbroken Thread of Awareness
  6. 06 You’re Stronger Than You Think
  7. 07 Parasite

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