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Thylacine is a French experimental artist known for his progressive sounds and dewy electronic(a).

Since his debut album Transsiberian, Thylacine has developed a taste for creating through travel, an initiatory project that led him to compose during his journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway. With the aim to combine music and image and to make listeners discover his world, Thylacine climbed the ladder and claimed the title of the young electro prodigy in France. Known for his live acts with immersive scenography, he sold-out numerous international venues and the most prestigious ones in Paris, such as La Cigale, Le Trianon, L’Olympia, and Salle Pleyel.

Thylacine’s new electronic and symphonic project, Thylacine and 74 musicians, will be released on XXIM Records. It will feature his previous works, such as a rework of his top-streamed track Poly and brand new tracks, presented with 74 musicians of the Pays de la Loire National Orchestra and the Maîtrise des Pays de la Loire Choir. Uèle Lamore from XXIM Records is credited as a conductor, Bravinsan as the pianist, and the guitarist Thibault Cauvin appears on two tracks.



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Poly (and 74 musicians)



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