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Ed Carlsen’s new EP Gravity out now

Ed Carlsen’s new EP Gravity out nowEd Carlsen’s new EP Gravity out now

Ed Carlsen released his EP Gravity, completing the trilogy of his work built on the theme of ‘home.’ The record represents the completion of this journey, having found his way back to both the physical and mental space of what home means.

The Italian pianist and composer returns to his roots, finding inner stability in a world beset by anxiety and unease through the journey of writing five piano-electronica pieces. 

“I grew up taking health and peace for granted, and now that I can’t anymore, I’ve found my ‘center’,” he says. “This push-pull situation of finding balance during times of most uncertainty was definitely the best thing that ever happened to me.” Gravity also reflects on letting go of people, habits, and parts of ourselves that aren’t useful to our development. Doing so meant he “could start hearing the music within, again.”

“Finding ‘home’ is not the end of a process, rather the beginning of a new one.” Stream Gravity

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