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Explore Olivia Belli’s upcoming EP era

Explore Olivia Belli’s upcoming EP eraExplore Olivia Belli’s upcoming EP era

The Italian pianist and composer announced her new EP Sonus Noctis and is teasing the sound with singles Valse, Nocturne III and Berceuse.

Belli’s already established style includes drawing inspiration from the natural world, and in the past year, the focus was around the theme of the night. The most recent Somnio Novo, she dedicated to the glow of the night, while Sonus Noctis explores the sound of the night.

“The source of musical inspiration is the music of Chopin, the poet of the night par excellence: all its nuances, its technical compositional elements, the ever new and innovative piano style. For me, studying what he has done, imagined and created is a path of enrichment and deepening; this process encourages me to try to express with my style all that he had already seen in the night, feelings that are unchanged but which now present themselves with a new appearance,” explains Belli.

Until the full release, you can stream the new singles here.

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