Eydís Evensen releases new album The Light

Eydís Evensen releases new album The Light Eydís Evensen releases new album The Light

Icelandic pianist and composer Eydís Evensen released her second album, The Light.

Evensen cites two underlying themes in The Light: it is both a deep reflection on the rough landscapes of Iceland and how they have shaped her personality, as it is an expression of deepest emotions.

“To me, The Light is a sense of hope and a sense of lighter times as we all experience quite challenging times in the last couple of years. I composed this album inspired by a personal experience and a resolution to that experience, so it sort of gave me a sense of closure, and the sense of relief and I hope that the listener is able to go through this journey with me throughout the album,” explains Evensen.

Evensen also extended her artistry and composed the first choir piece, The Light II.

“I’ve been writing poetry for quite some years, and I’ve always been fascinated by the world of choirs, especially here in Iceland. We have some really fantastic choir pieces. One of my favorites is Heyr himna simiðr, and I was especially inspired by that piece, and it had been a dream of mine to compose a choir piece.”

The continuation of The Light II is the piece Dreaming of Light, one of the last on the album, which is out today with a music video. Evensen’s singing voice can be heard in this track, for which she also penned the lyrics.

Stream The Light here.

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