Eydís Evensen’s new EP Frost out now

Eydís Evensen’s new EP Frost out now Eydís Evensen’s new EP Frost out now

Eydís Evensen released her new EP Frost, inspired by her homeland’s harsh and dramatic winters. “It’s such a hard thing to go through, this darkness,” she explains, “but the rising of the sun earlier and earlier as spring nears is hugely important for Icelanders.” 

From the single and EP opener Numb, representing the fragility and the onset of winter, to Svartnætti – a word that describes the darkest nights of winter, Evensen then presents Dawn is Near, a symbol of the warmth that starts to creep in as the days lengthen.

Eydís Evensen and Einar Egils, creator of the Dawn is Near film, wanted to “visually capture all tenses whilst moving throughout a story evolving from personal trauma into peace and acceptance at the break of dawn.”⁠

A metaphor for the past two years reflects in Frost: “It’s like a journey through darker moments, but seeing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s very representative of what we’ve all gone through, and a renewed sense of hope.” 

The EP closes the single The Light I, leading the listener into spring and the return of life to the land. It is the most recently composed piece then, written and recorded as positivity – and something approaching normality – slowly started to return. It is, says Evensen, the “perfect representation of hope that this year, things will be better.” 

Stream here.

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