GoGo Penguin kick off their new album era

GoGo Penguin kick off their new album era GoGo Penguin kick off their new album era

GoGo Penguin return with the announcement of their forthcoming album, Everything Is Going to Be OK – set for release on April 14.

With the optimism of new beginnings – a new drummer, a new record label, and a subtly updated and developed sound, the trio from Manchester is entering their more sonically liberated journey. The first glimpse of the upcoming era is the new single, Glimmerings.

Glimmerings was one of the first tunes that we began to work on when preparing ideas for a new album. The word glimmerings stood out when I was reading a book by Anil Seth called ‘Being You.’ The book is about the science of consciousness and in the Prologue, he talks about how ‘glimmerings of ideas began to emerge.’ It felt like the perfect way to describe the process of thought and creativity. Glimmerings started from a small kernel on the synth and over time we added more and more layers until it became something a lot more complex. The idea behind the title is the very beginning, where there is only an idea and an intent to start with, but you have an aim and an idea for where it’s going to take you and you have to trust in the process and yourself to see where that process will lead you,” explains Nick Blacka.

Everything Is Going to Be OK was created during a time of turbulence and loss. Recorded in a personally difficult period for the band, which included loss and mourning, the album studio time offered the band a sanctuary from real life. The resulting project draws its strength from a shared understanding and empathy, with a vibrant and hopeful sonic.

Stream Glimmerings  here.

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