Olivia Belli announces new album Intermundia

Olivia Belli announces new album Intermundia Olivia Belli announces new album Intermundia

Italian pianist and composer Olivia Belli announces her upcoming album, Intermundia, which will be released on XXIM Records on February 23 next year.

In Intermundia, Belli’s second full length release for the label, the pianist goes beyond her deep connection to the natural world, exploring the spiritual side of nature, something beyond the physical.  “It’s why I always try to express elements of it – the wind, the light, flowing water – through my music; to convey that power and sense of mysticism,” she explains.

For Intermundia, Belli chose eight locations, all in central Italy, very close to her home in Le Marche, to each be represented by one track.  Such places have long been a part of her life and her own spiritual journey: “Here, you become freed from everything non-essential, everything in the modern world. It is only you and your soul.”

The announcement comes with the new single and music video, “Valadier.” Inspired by the Tempio di Valadier, a sanctuary located at the entrance to the Frasassi Caves in the region of Marche, the track represents a brief moment of rest and reflection.

“Tempio di Valadier is my refuge where I train myself to see what is real but invisible, to see beyond physical things to the spirit that shapes them. The temple has a singular beauty and a particular atmosphere that emanates from its perfection, in contrast with the bare rock.”

Stream the new single “Valadier” here.

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