Olivia Belli shares her new album Intermundia

Olivia Belli shares her new album Intermundia Olivia Belli shares her new album Intermundia

With her second full-length release with XXIM Records, Italian  pianist and composer Olivia Belli embarks on a nuanced exploration of spiritual dimensions in Intermundia. Departing from her previous emphasis on the tangible facets of the natural world, the artist delves into the concept of “thin places”—locales that extend beyond the physical, providing a unique space for introspection and connection to the spiritual. These places are deeply spiritual and soothing, as Belli describes them, stating, “It is only you and your soul.”

For Intermundia, Belli chose eight locations, all in close proximity to her home in Le Marche, Central Italy. These places all hold a personal significance in Belli’s spiritual and artistic expression.

One such place is the Colle dell’Infinto, which inspired the latest single, “Mirando.” This location, where poet Giacomo Leopardi conceived his masterpiece, “L’Infinito,” offers a profound stillness, allowing a glimpse of infinity and a gentle abandonment to it, as described by Belli.

“Anima I,” composed after a moment of intense recollection and meditation, serves as the structural foundation for other pieces on the album, exploring both minor and relative major keys with a gentle pace.

The energetic “Amber Maze,”  reflects the “restlessness” of the caves at Le Grotte del Cantinone. Described as a type of toccata, the piece demonstrates Belli’s playful exploration of staccato and rhythmic alternations between hands, creating an edgy and nervous sound.

“We are embodied in spirit, and therefore it is essential to rediscover and take care of our spiritual nature. These are simply the locations that gave me the opportunity to do that. We each have our places, where we can better perceive that most precious part of ourselves, and we just have to find them.” – Olivia Belli

Listen to Intermundia here.

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