Paddy Mulcahy releases his new album Angel’s Share

Paddy Mulcahy releases his new album Angel’s Share Paddy Mulcahy releases his new album Angel’s Share

The Irish producer and composer known for his deep and moving work released the most mature album to date, a twelve-track album, Angel’s Share. The project is a free-ranging and genre-bending hybrid of post-classical and electronica, converging elements of ambient, dance, avant-pop, chillwave, and drum & bass.

Angel’s Share is my most mature and personal album to date. The album itself is dedicated to my late father, who passed in 2019. The title is taken from the expression that refers to the percentage of a barrel of whiskey that evaporates – known as the Angel’s Share,” he explains. 

Paddy Mulcahy curates the audio story of the album in three parts, representing the stages of grief. From the track Thomas Street, on which Mulcahy lives, to A Smile On The Left, dedicated to his partner, and What A Leaf Hears, inspired by the poem he wrote late at night, the whole record is threaded with personal details for the listener to unpack. 

The album reflects on the global events in the past 18 months, in the time when Mulcahy experimented with new instruments and different recording techniques, expanding his studio capabilities. It is also the first time that live musicians are on his records, namely drummer Myles O’Callaghan and violinist Gareth Quinn Redmond. “As my debut album for XXIM, I really wanted it to sound the very best it could and taking the music to Myles and Gareth allowed me to fully express the emotions I wanted to capture.”

Stream Angel’s Share  here.

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