Thylacine announces new project on XXIM Records

Thylacine announces new project on XXIM Records Thylacine announces new project on XXIM Records

The French electro prodigy Thylacine today announced his new electronic and symphonic project Thylacine and 74 musicians, which will be released on XXIM Records on February 9 next year.

The project consists of some of Thylacine’s best previous work and new tracks created with 74 musicians of the Pays de la Loire National Orchestra and the Maîtrise des Pays de la Loire Choir. XXIM artist, Uèle Lamore, is a conductor on the project, Bravinsan is the pianist, and the guitarist Thibault Cauvin appears on two tracks. Uèle Lamore will join Thylacine on his tour this year; see the dates here.

The project was announced with the first single, Poly (and 74 musicians), and a music video. It is a reinterpretation of his top-streamed track Poly with a new orchestra arrangement.

Poly is a track I originally composed on the Trans-Siberian Railway, based on a recording of Bulgarian polyphony. As I didn’t have much equipment with me on the train, it’s constructed from fairly simple elements, including a very synthetic ‘false orchestral arrangement’ made with a small midi keyboard on the train. I’ve already had the opportunity to perform several different versions of it during my concerts, but I’ve always wanted to properly record the string parts with a real orchestra. When the project of doing a concert with a symphony orchestra emerged, it went straight to the top of the list of pieces to reinterpret,” explains Thylacine.

Stream the new single here.

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