Uèle Lamore’s EP Multiply out now

Uèle Lamore’s EP Multiply out now Uèle Lamore’s EP Multiply out now

After the release of her debut album Loom, the Franco-American artist takes on another project and today shares the new EP Multiply. Not shying from playing with genres, this time is no exception, as different influences are on the record – from new wave to rock.

The project comes with two ‘relaxed’ music videos for Something about us and Two equals three. Both show Lamore in an honest and raw way, revealing her playfulness and personality.

Read Uèle Lamore’s notes on Multiply below, and stream it here.

Multiply was a record I started envisioning as soon as I started touring with my band following the release of Loom. I reconnected with many things: playing live music with people, interacting with an audience and speaking to so many people after shows, meeting and listening to amazing artists and bands we shared the stage with.

It is important to remember that I had finished Loom more than a year before its release, so I wanted to get a chance to express where I really was now artistically and musically.

I think that following this album I felt that I had gained more confidence to write music that reflected more reality and my perception of things, not needing to hide deep in imaginary worlds, as well as expressing feelings that I’m intimately connected – mainly being a constant oscillation between being extremely joyful and energetic about the smallest thing versus extremely anxious and melancholic for completely irrational things. I did not shy away from bringing back things I love: more alternative elements to the music, having live drums brought so much, and going further but in a more precise and personal way about mixing influences and genres I love.”

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