XXIM Records launches new project XXIM:EXPO

XXIM Records launches new project XXIM:EXPOXXIM Records launches new project XXIM:EXPO

We are very excited to announce the beginning of our new long-term project — XXIM:EXPO.

For XXIM:EXPO, we will invite newcomers from across the whole spectrum of progressive instrumental music to curate and release an EP, sharing their unique vision with as wide an international audience as possible.

The XXIM:EXPO EPs will give highly individual, creative artists complete freedom to showcase their innovative, progressive music. Those invited to contribute will create their own sonic world, unhindered by overarching rules, guidelines, or concepts – the goal is to give their musical imagination its fullest possible expression. The EPs will be numbered, with one released every few months, allowing fans to discover exciting new artists and follow developments in post-genre instrumental music.

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