ABBOTT – Unfold


ABBOTT – Unfold

In the spotlight for XXIM:EXPO #2 is Dutch pianist/composer, ABBOTT with his new EP.

 “This music was written during a phase of my life where time just seemed to stand still.  The pandemic was a big part of that of course, but the experience went even deeper.  I suppose there are moments in life where it feels like we are just treading water without ever getting anywhere. For me, this EP reflects such a moment and on coming to the conclusion that sometimes the key to development is to fully embrace the stillness and let the situation unfold naturally,” explains ABBOTT.


  1. 01 Become
  2. 02 Kwibuw
  3. 03 Unfold
  4. 04 Familiar
  5. 05 Soon

The EP release is accompanied by a new video for the track Familiar. Directed by award-winning Argentinian director Nicolas Bori, it was filmed almost entirely underwater and stars French record free-diver and filmmaker, Julie Gautier.  

Says ABBOTT: “The track Familiar is about time and certain moments in it. I wanted to create a sense of an emotional dejà-vu, little moments of familiarity that we go through again and again, that are familiar yet different every time.  When I discussed this concept with Nico, he immediately came up with the idea of water, of streams, and waves as visual parallel to the passing of time. He also came up with the idea of reflecting on a fallen civilization from the past or perhaps the future – a dejà-vu seen through the eyes of someone rediscovering a once familiar object, altered by time. So the story follows a tribe of hunter-gatherer sea nomads that perform a ritual to ask permission to the ocean before going fishing. On her quest, the protagonist discovers the remains of previous civilizations, lost and forgotten under the rising seas.”