Bylur Reworks

Bylur Reworks

Eydís Evensen

Bylur Reworks

Eydís Evensen releases the collaborative album project, including reworks of her latest album tracks.

While the original tracks of Eydís Evensen’s debut album Bylur were written mainly for piano, the reworks are taking the songs into another direction of electronic, ambient sound, and more. Six innovative and creative young talents, given their interpretations of the tracks selected by Eydís, gathered around the idea of taking them in a new environment and feeling.

“Collaborating with other fellow artists is an inspiring process for me. It creates a broader musical space to work within and around.” — Eydís Evensen

  1. 01 Dagdraumur - Janus Rasmussen Remix
  2. 02 Wandering II - Ed Carlsen Rework
  3. 03 Circulation - Uele Lamore Rework
  4. 04 Midnight Moon (feat. GDRN) - Remix
  5. 05 Wandering II - Paddy Mulcahy Remix
  6. 06 Fyrir Mikael - Slow Meadow Rework
  7. 07 Wandering I - Thylacine Remix

Icelandic Pianist and Composer

Eydís Evensen