Moritz Fasbender – Rabbits


Moritz Fasbender – Rabbits

German pianist and electro-acoustic musician releases her EP on the fourth installment of XXIM:EXPO.

Moritz Fasbender merges the electronic sound with acoustics of her grand piano on the new EP Rabbits for XXIM:EXPO #4. The project also includes a feature with an electronic trio based in Berlin, Brandt Brauer Frick, on the track Gravity Gain

“I always start from an atmosphere, a state, rather than from a concrete idea or specific melody. I am more interested in textures and associations than formulated stories. Sometimes intuitively, sometimes explicitly, I’m looking for sounds that, in their combination, might raise an eyebrow,” she explains. 


  1. 01 PMR CODE
  2. 02 Swifts
  3. 03 Last Airport
  4. 04 Gravity Gain feat. Brandt Brauer Frick