Hugar releases the new album inspired by their native country’s landscape.

The anticipated album Rift by Hugar is now out on XXIM Records.

The Icelandic band thought about what happens when you pull things apart, inspired by the rift near Reykjavik. For them, the void created is fertile ground for new ideas and beginnings — the rift as a source of creativity.

“There’s something almost magical about a powerful force literally ripping the land apart, and new life appearing in the space that’s created. We wanted to translate that scenario onto these great, temporal shifts and upheaval in our world and ask: What happens? There must be something new that grows from them.” — Hugar on making Rift

  1. 01 lost
  2. 02 fall
  3. 03 volt
  4. 04 IV
  5. 05 far
  6. 06 rest
  7. 07 mist
  8. 08 ai
  9. 09 solaris
  10. 10 keilir
  11. 11 XYZ
  12. 12 form
  13. 13 luna
  14. 14 ok
  15. 15 ævi‎
  16. 16 bless

Icelandic Band