Sol Novo

Sol Novo

Olivia Belli

Sol Novo

Italian pianist and composer Olivia Belli releases her new album on XXIM Records.

The title Sol Novo is a quote from The Divine Comedy by the great Italian poet Dante (1265-1321), whose 700th anniversary is commemorated this year. But it is also a reference to the many types of light that can be seen in the Marche region every day. “In this album, the reference is the light of the place where I live: of my seas, my mountains, meadows, wheat fields, and the old villages. It is natural light without human intrusion,” Olivia Belli explains. “My favorite light is the oblique one, in the morning and the evening. It brings the shadows and everything is more fascinating and mysterious. Our summer middays have an unbearable light, so bright, it’s almost like the cold of the north.”

Although much of her music is linked to nature, Belli does not like to romanticize. “It’s true that there is comfort in my pieces, maybe even refuge – but I can’t ignore the melancholic side too. It’s all part of it.” However, reflecting on her music and how it relates to other contemporary composers’ works she has a clear answer. “My overall aim is to keep the light in the melodies,” she says, “perhaps it is because I am Italian – for me, the sun is always a major factor, also in my music.”

  1. 01 Sol Novo
  2. 02 Upland
  3. 03 Lea
  4. 04 Two Seas
  5. 05 Island I
  6. 06 Open Air
  7. 07 Bora
  8. 08 Grain Moon
  9. 09 Island II
  10. 10 Bilico
  11. 11 Fingers, Be Rain
  12. 12 Grembo
  13. 13 Visions to Come
  14. 14 Bleak
  15. 15 As I Was
  16. 16 The Light Endures

Pianist & Composer

Olivia Belli