Sonus Noctis

Sonus Noctis

Olivia Belli

Sonus Noctis

Olivia Belli explores “the sound of the night” on the new EP.

Italian pianist & composer completes the story on the theme of the night after the EP Somnio Novo focused on the light of the night, now with Sonus Noctis that encapsulates its sounds. For both projects, Belli found inspiration in Chopin’s work, which she describes as “the poet of the night par excellence.”

“I tried to put into sound all these moments that accompany the transition from day to night: Berceuse and Valse really want to express everything that happens at sunset when the sunlight is oblique, when it takes on those pastel colors that give off a sweet warmth, almost a caress.

Instead, in the two Nocturnes, there is darkness, the mysterious night that accompanies our dreams but also our moments of bewilderment and anxiety, some fears that may emerge during it. But if we learn to listen to the night, if we know how to understand it, it becomes a balm and a deep refreshment of the soul and thought.”

The EP comes with two music videos – Berceuse, shot in the sunset, while Nocturne IV, captures the dark.

  1. 01 Berceuse
  2. 02 Nocturne III
  3. 03 Valse
  4. 04 Nocturne IV

Pianist & Composer

Olivia Belli