Uèle Lamore


Uèle Lamore shares her genre-bending debut album on XXIM Records.

“I wanted to showcase different ways of approaching sounds and musical genres. And that comes from a place of just loving music.” — Uèle Lamore

The Franco-American artist combined all her talents and influences to create a cohesive debut record, Loom. Tracks formed in 2019, leaning towards ambient electronica, and in the later months, Lamore started adding instruments into the mix. The idea was to create a fun and organic record that would be played live with a band after the eventual return of the concerts.

Loom is now available everywhere to stream, on CD and vinyl.

  1. 01 Intro
  2. 02 The Dark
  3. 03 The Creation
  4. 04 The First Tree
  5. 05 Breathe
  6. 06 Currents
  7. 07 Gene Pool
  8. 08 Pollen
  9. 09 Predation
  10. 10 Dominance
  11. 11 Warm Blood

Composer, Conductor, Producer

Uèle Lamore