Composer, Conductor, Producer

Uèle Lamore

Uèle Lamore is a Franco-American composer, conductor, producer and arranger, specialising in blending orchestral and acoustic textures with modular, electronic and synthetic elements.

As an arranger and orchestrator, Uèle Lamore has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Alfa Mist, Max Cooper, Etienne Daho, and Moor Mother.

In addition, she has worked since 2019 as an associate conductor, orchestrator, and arranger for the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO), and has contributed special orchestral projects to festivals, among them Printemps de Bourges Festival and Variations on



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The First Tree ft. Gracy Hopkins

Uèle Lamore

Surprise Encounter: Thunder Eel King!

Uèle Lamore


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