Uèle Lamore


A follow-up to Uèle Lamore’s debut album is an experimental product of love for all genres and raw sound.

Franco-American artist is known for her genre-bending approach when producing – this time is no exception with indie, new wave, and electronic influences on the record. Lamore pushes her vision further by being more honest and bringing alternative elements to her music.  

The EP release comes with a music video for the track Two equals three, shot on a second-hand camera. “The song has some absurd lyrics that make sense and many layers of interpretation. I wanted to shoot something that would reflect this and also convey the sense of ‘rawness,’ ‘energy,’ and ‘aggressivity’ Multiply has in comparison to Loom,” she explains. 


  1. 01 Something about us
  2. 02 Two equals three
  3. 03 Now, you die
  4. 04 Lolita

Composer, Conductor, Producer

Uèle Lamore