Days of Passage

Federico Albanese

Days of Passage

Federico Albanese presents his debut EP with XXIM Records.

“How I composed Days of Passage was in one single spontaneous flow. The EP represents an entire musical journey in just one go.  On a metaphysical level, I felt that everything was already there, fully formed, and the wonderful sound and feel of this very special instrument released it within me and allowed it all to emanate from me.  It was an incredibly uplifting experience.” ­— Federico Albanese


  1. 01 Ritorno
  2. 02 The Passenger
  3. 03 Flying is the Easiest Way
  4. 04 The Diary
  5. 05 The Late Hour
  6. 06 The Sentinel
  7. 07 Luminal Hill

Composer, pianist & producer

Federico Albanese